CMS helps organizations roadmap their path to the Cloud and navigate the landscape to determine what parts of their environment make sense to move to the Cloud now and in the future. Once that is determined, we perform a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) analysis of a Cloud solution vs. the premise-based equivalent to show the cost benefits over time, as well as the efficiencies realized from moving to the Cloud.

Cloud technologies come in many forms and sizes—whether you need fully outsourced solutions, on-premises resources, or a hybrid approach. CMS specializes in Cloud Procurement and Consulting in the following areas:

  • CaaS. With Communications as a Service (CaaS) your organization can benefit from an enterprise level PBX, Video Conferencing Platform, Live Chat, and other Collaboration components, all without the hassle of your staff managing the ever changing needs of this environment on prem. Your organization will also stand to gain a great deal of scalability and agility.
  • IaaS. With infrastructure as a service (IaaS), we help you evaluate the potential benefits of renting infrastructure for everything from servers and networking to content delivery. This includes long-term service to reduce your in-house costs as well as short-term needs for specific campaigns.
  • PaaS. With platform as a service (PaaS), many organizations can streamline their work and save on costs by using customizable platforms in the cloud. We look at your development needs and guide you through choosing a provider with platforms that will integrate seamlessly with your business.
  • SaaS. With software as a service (SaaS), you don’t pay for applications that you don’t need. We help you find software that specifically serves your purposes with a Cloud SaaS provider with applications that are customizable and straightforward to use.
  • DRaaS. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) leverages the provider’s existing data center investments to more cost effectively design and implement a robust business continuity solution. This can be fully hosted or hybridization premise and hosted solution.

Let CMS show you how they have helped other organizations realize many benefits of moving to the Cloud: Flexibility, Efficiency, and Security!

Navigating the Cloud provider landscape can be a daunting task for an organization. While Cloud has become a mainstream way of consuming IT, some trepidation still exists when it comes to sensitive topics such as security. CMS has rigorously vetted the major Cloud players in the industry, taking the time consuming leg work off of their clients, and will only bring best of breed providers to the forefront.

Explore cloud and managed solutions that will benefit your organization by calling CMS at 844-CMS-0042.