CMS connects you with data solutions that meet your current needs and that prepare you for future growth and changes. From blazing-fast local networks to secure and efficient global systems, we help find the right providers and services for you.

Whether your organization is national or global, Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) makes an incredible impact on quality of service. This technology reduces costs while increasing scalability and reliability. MPLS allows you to prioritize applications to your custom needs. CMS has deep expertise in designing and implementing MPLS networks using best of breed Carriers, and acting as the client advocate throughout the entire process.

As businesses spread out operations and as more employees work from home or remote locations, a virtual private network (VPN) offers a convenient and secure private infrastructure while using the public internet. We help you find VPN solutions that ensure maximum privacy and security with encrypted data as well as network addresses of all parties using the network.

A metro Ethernet connection makes a versatile, high-capacity network solution that offers scalability and reliability. Metro Ethernet works for both private WAN (wide area network) and public Internet-based systems. We can connect you with Ethernet solutions that feature low-cost installation and maintenance and at a variety of bandwidths.

Private Line
Enjoy a dedicated, premise-based private line to connect voice and data between any of your local or remote locations. Private lines can be used for always-on Internet access as well as for voice applications operating on local phone company lines, adding a secure and dedication connection.

Dark Fiber
Enjoy the capabilities of optical fiber connections while simply leasing the system and operating it yourself instead of paying for unneeded services. If you have optical fibers on-site and are not using them, we can help you explore the potential benefits of running dark fiber service.

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