Mobility is presenting major challenges in the enterprise

Mobility continues to explode within the enterprise,along with an ever-evolving roster of devices, services and applications. With the ever changing wireless landscape and growth of mobile devices, it is no longer sufficient to manage mobility on spreadsheets and emails.

Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

CMS provides an automated workflow delivered by a SAAS platform and team of expert analysts to manage all lifecycle activities. From the procurement and provisioning of devices, on going cost optimizations, inventory, MDM, and end of life of devices. With CMS’s MMS solution, organizations can divert their employees to higher value tasks rather then having them waste time trying to piece meal together a mobility practice.

Mobility Expense Management (MEM)

Because mobility is such a dynamic cost center, organizations are challenged to reconcile the various expenses associated with managing a mobile workforce. Many factors to contribute to several hundreds of thousands of dollars in wasted mobile spend each year—some of these factors include zero use devices, inappropriate international roaming plans, employees downloading 3rd party apps and ringtones, and non-efficient data and voice pooling plans.

To make matters more complicated, mobile carriers are constantly changing plans, where it is nearly impossible for an organization to keep up. With CMS’s ongoing cost optimization and monthly recommendations to cut costs, unnecessary mobile costs are virtually eliminated.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Whether you provide devices or operate on a BYOD system, we can integrate with your MDM to  manage the workflow surrounding a successful BYOD rollout. CMS makes it easy for your organization to benefit from all the positive aspects of an agile and efficient mobile workforce without having to stress over supporting different employees’ devices and coordinating your systems across different generations of devices over time.

CMS device management includes these services:

  • securing data on BYOD phones and tablets
  • implementing software to integrate mobile devices with your business
  • setting up user authentication protocols
  • creating a plan to prevent breaches in the event of lost or stolen devices
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