Agnostic: CMS represents 70+ of the industry’s leading Telecommunications Providers in an unbiased fashion. Whether your requirements are domestic, regional, or global, we have a robust portfolio of Carriers to draw on. Once a needs assessment is complete, we go out to the Carriers who best fit your environment, leverage the best pricing possible, and report back the best options to meet your needs.

An Extension of Your Team: Dealing with Carriers can be a time consuming proposition for an IT department. When a new service is needed, the typical process is to contact multiple Carriers, sit through several meetings with each of their sales teams, and then try to make head and tails of what they are each proposing. Once you do make a Carrier selection, the implementation of services ends up becoming taxing on your team, and often results in having to chase the Carrier down to deliver on the commitments they promised in the sales process. CMS specializes in working with the Carriers on your behalf, and we have the knowledge and relationships with the Carriers to get things done in a timely fashion.

Industry Expertise: Our 25 + years of experience in the Telecommunications industry can save your team a lot of valuable time and headaches. We are well versed on all the major Carriers limitations and strengths, their products, and their contract terms. But, most importantly, we also have our pulse on the ever changing technology. The Carrier that fit your needs yesterday, may not fit your needs today. 

Accountability: Our non-sales approach holds us accountable to delivering ongoing client satisfaction. When you choose to work with a Carrier through us, we are expected and incented by the Carrier to support your account for as long as you remain a client. This means we work in your best interest to resolve service and billing issues, as well as serve as a point of escalation for resolution.