Rely on CMS for comprehensive telecom consulting services with up-to-the-minute market knowledge and partnerships throughout the industry. Our consulting services ensure that you’re getting the most out of every telecom dollar you spend, and we’ll guide you through any future project.


Strategically cutting overhead and analyzing your expenses for improvement translates into incredible long-term savings. From paper and staples to utilities and technology services, we connect you with experts who specialize in overhead cost reduction to benefit your procurement team—and your bottom line.

Telecom Expense Management

The money you spend on telecom should be visible and understood. CMS makes telecom expense management easy by helping businesses create an efficient system that helps you control the details of your spend throughout the organization and ultimately saves you money by controlling hidden or growing costs.


Our comprehensive services for requests for proposals include creation of the document, vetting the vendors for a good match, and working with you through the decision making process. Our expertise helps you identify the benefits you need from a vendor; then, we together approach the RFP process with a vision.

Contract Review

CMS stays abreast of the trends in carrier agreements, providing a guiding voice when you are looking for a new carrier or when you want to ensure that your current carrier provides favorable terms. We also negotiate terms for you by leveraging our partner relationships and industry knowledge.

Project Management

Great outcomes depend on coordinated efforts from conception to implementation. CMS helps you define your goals and expectations for projects including carrier switches, next-generation technology upgrades, or even moving or expanding your locations. Our project management consulting includes analyzing usage reports and other data, sourcing products and services, coordinating test runs and installations, and monitoring and modifying plans throughout the project.

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