CMS and I have had a partnership since 2011. They have been outstanding in supporting our data and telecommunications needs. They understand the complexities of the business and are very responsive to my needs. Their relationships with all the communications vendors have eliminated countless hours of additional work. Most importantly, CMS has assisted us in reducing overall costs. CMS is my trusted partner when it comes to dealing with my communications requirements.

John Shaffer | CIO, Greenhill and Co.

I was introduced to Mike Burdick (CMS) around June of 2011. I had recently taken over voice services for TD Williamson, a Global Pipeline Servicing company. I was having difficulty organizing voice services, and more importantly global voice projects, on many levels and my Avaya partner recommended CMS.

CMS was an amazing partner in that there was no rhyme or reason to TDW’s domestic billing for Telco services and International was worst. CMS provided me a “one stop shop” for ALL Telco ordering and billing domestically and almost the same internationally. This allowed me as the “one man band” pretty much for all voice projects to know that my Telco needs were taken care of with one call and I could then focus on all the other aspects of managing global voice implementations.

Mark Black | Director of Telehealth and Unified Communications, Oklahoma State Department of Health

I have worked in voice and data industries for several years, initially in the corporate environment and I started my own business, IQ Telcom in 2001. We provide consultative services to national and international clients and often reach out to CMS as our “go to” partner to design, price and procure service for mid to large complex environments. We use CMS to support our client’s numerous technology needs and manage projects as needed. The CMS staff are professional, responsive, well-versed in the industry and I would not hesitate to recommend their services.

Ann Flynn | Owner, IQ Telcom