Great communication holds the key to everything from branding to collaborating with partners. CMS connects you with voice services that provide the capabilities you need to conduct business with reliable hardware and service, the agility to expand at scale, and tools to integrate your communications with your business goals.

We use our industry knowledge to bring you an unbiased approach to finding the right voice services across all platforms.

Local & Long Distance

We help you find your ideal service for local and long distance calls, including the infrastructure and service for dedicated fax and modem lines. Voice services include business features like intelligent, user-friendly systems for extensions, call forwarding, call transferring, and directory search.


Maintaining a personal touch with video calling makes a huge difference in an increasingly impersonal business world. We can help your business choose either a fully hosted or internet-based VoIP solution for voice, video and data.


Whether you need to conduct meetings with staff members in various locations or want to collaborate with other businesses and clients, the right conferencing system helps you conduct business by phone or video with reliable equipment and bandwidth.


We work with a variety of carriers to ensure that you get competitive rates and comprehensive services from your wireless provider. We specialize in navigating this always-evolving market to bring you the service you need without spending too much of your own time sorting through competing offerings.

Call Center

A professional and dynamic call center lets you handle your busiest time periods at scale with advanced analytics to track performance. We also help ensure that your call center has recording capability and other features for all compliance needs. We find call center solutions that let you manage costs efficiently without having to invest in an unnecessarily large in-house call staff.

Unified Communications

As business becomes spread across a variety of devices and in many forms of media, unified communications become vital to maintaining a cohesive and effective communication system. We ensure that you have the capability of leveraging all forms of communication with an integrated approach.

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